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  • dungeon dealers maze and chamber decks game

    Dungeon Dealer's Maze and Chamber Decks Review

    --Dungeon Dealer's Maze and Chamber Decks review by Boggsimus of Boggsimus Games Introduction To Dungeon Dealer In these past few months, it has become a hobby of mine to cruise through Facebook in search of interesting and awesome things related to tabletop gaming. And I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of talent there is out there! Not only are the industry's titanous leaders such as Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Privateer Press, and Paizo producing quality and exciting content, the lesser known underdogs and smaller outfits are rolling it out as well! These...

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  • Mage Rage Review:  A Fun Deck Building Game

    Mage Rage Review: A Fun Deck Building Game

    By Boggsimus From Boggsimus Games Mage Rage Review: A Deck Building Game  Introduction Recently, one of my long-time friends, who moved a city over a few years back, got a hold of me to let me know that he had teamed up with another creative personality to make a game company! Of course, I was intrigued. I mean come on, I am like the tabletop guy around my parts! I inquired to his goals and what he'd been working on. His new company is called 2 Wolves Games and they are out to make the games they've always wanted to see...

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