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by Michael Brown 3 min read

--Dungeon Dealer's Maze and Chamber Decks review by Boggsimus of Boggsimus Games

Introduction To Dungeon Dealer

In these past few months, it has become a hobby of mine to cruise through Facebook in search of interesting and awesome things related to tabletop gaming. And I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of talent there is out there!

Not only are the industry's titanous leaders such as Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Privateer Press, and Paizo producing quality and exciting content, the lesser known underdogs and smaller outfits are rolling it out as well!

These days, you have to hit the social media platforms and webstores hard if you want to make a mark in the industry. And this brings me back to me scrolling through Facebook looking for quality products for tabletop gaming; Dungeon Dealer is a producer of quality content that hooked me and pulled me in like a hungry fish. Wow, I'm not sure why I used a fishing reference there, I'm not one for fishing.

Anyway, I found a post on my Facebook wall for Dungeon Dealer's Chamber and Maze decks. I was intrigued by the product's simplicity and practicality. Their post prompted me to jump over to their Etsy page which had an array of their products listed, all at very reasonable prices.

It seemed their stock on their two decks were going fast, so I quickly added them to my cart and whipped out my virtual wallet so fast that I think I accelerated my carpal tunnel syndrome.

After a few days, a little bundle of joy showed up at my house; Dungeon Dealer's Chamber and Maze decks!

The Product

I do have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the two decks! I decided to do a little digging on the design and creation of these cards since I am planning on making a tabletop game.

maze deck dungeon dealers

It turns out that the two decks were successfully funded through a Kickstarter project, which originally had a $2,500 goal but ended up being funded for $21,735! That is freakin' incredible, if you ask me! It showed me that people knew they were going to get a quality product by a quality content creator!

The cards are standard playing card size on a sturdy stock with a thin semi-gloss coating on either side. They're sturdy enough to withstand traditional shuffling techniques, which I'm sure that some of you rascals use on your cards.

I personally suggest that you sleeve these bad boys up since they are going to be constantly shuffled and placed on various table surfaces. If you choose the keep them in their original box, do not fret, the boxes are strong and sturdy when filled with the cards and gloss coated to they glide on various surfaces.

Using the Decks

You can use these two decks to pregenerate a dungeon ahead of time to save time on the creation process or simply create a randomized dungeon on the fly. A lot of Dungeon Masters are often weighted down by how much preparation can go into a session.

These decks cut down on prep time while still keeping that cohesive feel to your sessions.

To begin, you take the rules cards out of the decks and shuffle them up. Each card drawn is a new section of the maze/chamber with their own enemies, hazards, and shape. The possibilities are almost endless with these two decks!

There are even two "bosses" of the dungeons that can be thrown into the mix.
I've noticed that they leave the rules so open that they can be integrated into many different system, which is a very smart thing to have done! These days, people are on the prowl for new games, so having a product that accommodates means more business and repeat customers.

I plan on using these decks for some one-shot sessions that I will be running at my local game store! Since I've been a DM/GM for many years, it's nice to have a product out there that allows me to host a game on the fly!


These decks are a great addition to any tabletop roleplaying collection! I'm a huge fan of the Pathfinder roleplaying system, so of course I have theCritical Hit deck, Fumble deck, and Conditions deck.

The Dungeon Dealer Chamber and Maze decks are going to sit alongside of them in my collection! And to be honest, I would label Dungeon Dealer's decks as a quintessential supplement to tabletop roleplaying.

My suggestion is you check out Dungeon Dealeron Etsy! You'll find all kinds of goodies at a very good price! Also stay on the lookout for their various Kickstarter projects!


Review By Boggsimusof Boggsimus Games


Twitter: @BoggsimusGames

Instagram: boggsimus_games

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