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Backing Your First Kickstarter & What It's All About

by Michael Brown 3 min read

We've been running Kickstarter projects for the last several years, and we thought it was time to make a tutorial that you may find helpful.  If you are new to Kickstarter, check out this blog to learn more about how you can help bring new ideas to the gaming community.

First: What Is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform that helps companies and individuals launch products, ideas, and services into the marketplace.  Individuals who support the goals of a Kickstarter project decide to back the effort with their hard earned money.  In exchange for their financial support, backers usually get access to the new product at a less-than-retail price point.  

That may sound like a pretty general pre-order platform, but Kickstarter is more than that.  On our projects, we engage with our audience of backers and allow their voices and opinions decide what direct the project takes.  

Our current Kickstarter project is a great example of seeing the community of backers at work.  The Color Spray Dice Project started with the goal of bringing some great new plastic dice sets to market, and as the conversations grew, we have decided to add some new dice cases, dice trays, and wooden dice cases. 

The backers who support our Kickstarter projects have a very active and meaningful voice in these projects, and as a result, even more new items are being made and introduced into this community.

Backing Your First Kickstarter

Now that you have an idea of what Kickstarter is - now it's time to get involved and back your first Kickstarter project.  The process is pretty simple, and as a backer, you'll be able to help bring some great new items to the gaming community.

First, visit the Kickstarter that you'd like to back.  Currently, our Cracked Stone Dice Campaign is live and accepting new backers.  

To support this campaign, simply click the "Back this Project" button near the top of the page.

See the walk-through below on one of our previous campaigns.  The process is the same.

Backing Our Kickstarter

Next, select your reward by clicking on one of the radio buttons:

getting involved in your first kickstarter 

Then, select your location and enter the pledge amount.  Your pledge amount will be determined by the Reward you wish to receive for backing this project.  After that, click Continue.

backing a kickstarter

At this point, you will need to create your Kickstarter profile.

create a kickstarter profile

After your profile is created, follow the prompts as the Kickstarter website helps you finalize your pledge.

When Do You Pay & How Do You Get The Rewards?

After the Kickstarter project ends, Kickstarter will collect the funds that you pledged when choosing which Reward(s) you wanted.

The next step in the process is when a survey is sent to you via email.  This survey is where backers can pick and choose exactly which items they want to receive based on the Rewards they choose to support.  In our Color Spray Kickstarter, backers will be able to choose from any color variety that gets unlocked each time a Stretch Goal is reached.

After the surveys are completed, we can get started on bringing these new dice into production.  Kickstarter typically takes 3-4 weeks to release funds, but after the funding is completed and surveys are submitted, we're in full production mode.

When production is finalized, orders will be fulfilled and shipped out.  Backers get their new items at a great price point, and they have helped to play a significant role in bringing new products into the tabletop gaming marketplace.

If you're ready to back your first campaign - get started with our current Kickstarter by clicking here.

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