What We Do At Easy Roller Dice

We are a dice company that specializes in polyhedral dice sets, rpg gear and accessories.  

From our Gunmetal Dice Series that we launched originally on Kickstarter, our acrylic and resin dice sets and our metal polyhedral dice set offerings; we have what you need for your table-top adventures.

Dice For Sale & More....

We have numerous dice for sale by sets and we have various styles to choose from.  We're always working hard to bring new dice sets out.

We carry dice in bulk. We currently have numerous selections and many of our bulk sets come with a bonus bag or with some extra that you won't find anywhere else. 

We carry dice in sets of 7 and 10 pieces and have a wide variety to choose from.
We currently carry 4-sided dice,6-sided dice, 8-sided dice, 10 sided dice, 10 sided (00) dice for percentages, 12 sided dice and 20 sided dice.

The bulk dice we carry range from our 42 ct starters bag, our legendary 105 count bulk set of dice which is made of 15 complete sets of dice and our gigantic 150 count set of dice which features 20 sets and 2 bags!

We pride ourselves on customer service. We listen to your needs and work to the best of our ability to bring things to life that you actually want and need.

Make sure to join our mailing list as we'll launch new polyhedral dice sets, accessories and even Kickstarters from there. You can help us shape what we bring to the world!