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Tabletop Gaming Dice Tray With 11.5" Rolling Surface - Colors Available

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This beautiful dice rolling tray is a solid constructed tray wrapped in a nice black leatherette to give the tray an elegant look while being rugged enough to handle the abuse of dice of all types, including metal.

The dice tray measures 11.5 inch for plenty of rolling surface, so you never need to worry about your dice rolling off the edge of a table or game tray again. This is great if you or any members of your adventuring party are the notorious mad roller!  No more scrambling around the floor to find your dice.

NOTE:  To minimize the over sized item fees, the larger cardboard packaging will not be included on international shipments.  Each tray is wrapped individually in a clear plastic bag.

Noise Reduction
Loud clanks of dice hitting the edges of thick wooden dice trays suck (especially if you're trying to run a somewhat quiet game).

With our dice tray you won't have that problem!  The thick leatherette sides help control noise whether you're rolling metal dice or acrylic/resin dice.

The smooth velvet bottom is durable enough to hold up to rolling dice across the tray and also helps pad the noise as well!

Our Dice Rolling Tray Is Backed Up!
If you purchase our tray and are not convinced it's the best tray for your needs within 30 days we'll kindly accept returns and refund your money.  However, we are confident that this will be the best dice tray you've ever used!

Color Options!

You can select either a red dice tray or blue from the option wheel above when you're placing your order. Both are sure to make any table top gamer happy!  Now we have our new black interior ready!  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Maren E.
Perfect dice tray for college players!

I got this dice tray because I recently won some metal dice! I wanted to get something that I could feel comfortable rolling them on (because I didn’t want to harm the dice or the table I was rolling on) and this works perfectly! Now, when it comes to travel with this, it’s the perfect size for travel. It’s not too big, nor too small so it’s travels smoothly.

Thomas S.
Great Tabletop Gaming Dice Tray! 🎲🎲

This is a great durable table gaming dice tray, I use it all the time for my miniature gaming.

Chandler B.
Very Satisfying to roll on!

The leather for the actual tray is very nice! I got the red color for the inlay, and it feels so soft!

Anthony H.
Great tray!

Definitely love the tray. Only thing I'm bummed about is that I ordered this particular tray for several reasons. Size, color, quality and of course the easy roller logo. After one use, the logo in the center of the tray started to peel. By the 5 time playing on the board, it had mostly peeled off the felt. All other aspects of the tray are great.

Jason S.
Perfect Dice Tray

This is an ideal dice tray for games that use large dice pools.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews Write a review