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by Michael Brown 2 min read

If you're looking for some cool dice gifts, this article is perfect for you. There are many types of dice out there, and they make fantastic gift ideas.

You can never go wrong with some new dice. Dice are great to use in all sorts of games, whether you want them as an accessory or if you need them to play.


Gemstone Dice

Gemstone dice make great gifts and are very beautiful and elegant. Some people even use these as display items simply because they look so good. They come in various materials and colors – including turquoise, amethyst, tiger eye, and one that we're going to showcase here: Opalite.

Opalite dice are synthetic stone dice, as regular opal dice would be too expensive. These dice have a cream-colored look, and here at Easy Roller Dice Company, we have two cool-looking fonts to chose from. Our signature variety or our elven art variety. These dice are a moderate price and make great gifts.

dice gifts

Metal Dice

These dice make great gifts of all our metal dice styles, from our gunmetal dice to our Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons. These are great for making a fashion statement at the game table or for anyone who enjoys unique-looking dice.

These provide that same look of uniqueness without breaking the bank, which makes them great gifts. These varieties are less expensive than the Opalite gemstone dice shared above.  Plus, the extra weight on the metal dice makes them fun to roll.

giant d20

Giant 48MM D20s

How about our D20 Dice of the Giants? These 48mm dice are great for people who want a massive D20, and they make fantastic gifts.

These giant dice can make rolling during your favorite tabletop game a blast. These can add an element of fun if you break one of these out at a critical time. Need to roll a significant save? Whip out that giant d20! Do you need to make a vital attack roll - bam! It just adds some unique fun to your game!

dice jail

Dice Jail

While this is not a dice, the dice jail adds a ton of fun to any game!Anytime your dice keep failing you, it's time to lock them away in the dice jail for a while! If they keep failing you, maybe they'll never get out? However, that's up to you!

We wanted to keep this list fun and brief, and we hope you get some inspiration for an excellent gift idea from it!

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