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Folding Portable Collapsible Dice Trays

This is our collection of collapsible dice trays.  These handy rectangular dice trays comfortably fit in small areas like on a crowded gaming table!  The long design allows you to roll dice horizontally for an even roll across a smooth surface.  This design is perfect for board games, dice games, or anything you might be rolling dice for.

Easy To Snap & Unsnap For Transport

Each folding dice tray has a felt-lined surface and easily snaps together and unsnaps when you're ready for transport.  Once you unsnap the tray, it will lay flat and easily stored in a bookbag or with a stack of books.

Firm Base For Perfect Rolls

Stop searching for a folding dice tray and get one of these below.  Ours is the most well-built and features a rigid base so your dice will roll on a smooth flat surface.  Our portable dice tray will not bow in the center like this style of tray is prone to do!  Safe for stone and metal dice!

folding dice tray
Collapsible Snap Dice Tray - Red Interior
$ 16.95
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folding dice trays - blue
Collapsible Snap Dice Tray - Blue Interior
$ 16.95
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portable dice tray
Collapsible Snap Dice Tray - Black Interior
$ 16.95
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