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Unique Dice Sets

by Michael Brown 2 min read

Here at Easy Roller Dice Company, one of our focal points is making unique dice sets and other unique and exciting tabletop gaming supplies. It's often a noisy world in the dice community and we have our own unique styles and looks that appeal to gamers.  We wanted to post a quick today to show off some of our more unusual dice sets.

Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons

Unique Metal Dice

This series features our hand-drawn dragon font, which is embedded into every single number. You can see the entire series here. This series took us a while to design, and we had to painstakingly change the font half a dozen times before we got the dragons to correctly display on any dice, let alone these cool metal dice. The result is fun, fantasy-style dice.

Our Gemstone Dice

unique opalite dice set

Gemstone dice aren't inherently new, but our variation is a unique font styling of a classic. I.e., one of our best-selling sets is our Elven Font and Signature style varieties. Check out our best-selling Opalite style here. If you're not familiar with Opalite, it's essentially a synthetic opal stone that looks amazing. Opalite dice have a unique look as they are semi-opaque. You can also view all of our gemstone sets by going here.

Hollow Dice of Divine Retribution

hollow metal dice with swords and shields

One of our latest creations is a dice series called the Hollow Dice of Divine Retribution. These beautiful and unique dice are a work of love. We hand drew the art that is used on these dice. We thought the swords and shields were a fitting set of dice for someone that plays a Paladin or any holy type of character.  The hollow metal style not only looks nice but they make a nice jingle in the hand when you roll 4 or 5 of these dice together!

These are just some of the unique and stylish dice sets that we've launched, and we have more on the way! We're always hard at work and always actively listening to our audience as to what you want us to make next.  Remember, it's your game, your story, and we're just making fun products for you to enjoy!

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