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by Michael Brown 4 min read

By Boggsimus of Boggsimus Games


In early 2016, the manager at a local game store contacted me and told me that a company called Eroth Productions was down there and were hosting a live demo of their game called Treasure Hunter.

Well, since I am absolutely addicted to tabletop gaming, I quickly grabbed up some of my business cards and headed out the door.

A Look At The Cover...
treasure hunter full review

After introductions, Amandah and Anthony of Eroth Productions began to explain the core concepts of the game while showing me some imagery in the rule book. The dynamic duo has been working on this game for a few years and were very excited to see it getting out there in the world.

The game is based around a party of heroes journeying through various maps leading up to the final confrontation with Mephabrista, a ruthless demon lord with sinister plans for the world! These maps contain many different types of monsters, treasures, and events that will surely bring a unique experience to your gaming experience!

Right away I was taken back to my days of sitting in the front of my old television playing through games on my Nintendo. Eroth Productions had successfully created a game with the feeling of exploring dungeons in a classic Nintendo-like setting. The nostalgia was taking over and I became overly excited to play the game; I could hear its dungeons beckoning me to enter.

Getting Into the Game

You'll first need to acquire a copy of Treasure Hunter before you plan on playing it. Duh. Well, lucky for you, Eroth Productions offers both digital (MSRP $9.99) and physical copies (MSRP $19.99) of it on various sites, which again, you can find on their website.

This is a game that uses d6s. A lot of d6s.

So, grab yourself a brick of them (get 100 six sided cheap here) and get ready to roll them a lot and by the ton. Eroth Productions was actually so kind to include an online dice roller on their site for you when you get into the mega rolls of hundreds of d6s, which are found later in the game.

The game is recommended for 2-4 players and a Game Master (GM) to run the maps and describe events. Although it's possible to power through the dungeons without a GM because of the triggered events and descriptions, it adds an element of allure and intrigue when you as a player do not know what's going to happen as you delve further into the maps.

The game consists of 30+ maps and each map can take roughly 1-6 hours to complete based around the size of the party and the effectiveness of the party. Now when you are ready to dive into the maps, you can download them from Eroth Productions page to have a visual aid to what you are exploring (It's like they put a lot of time and care into this project or something)!

And since this is a game that you'll be playing over multiple sessions, you'll need to print of character sheets which can also be found on Eroth Productions' website. Gee, they are really caring people, eh?

Character Creation

Unlike most other tabletop roleplaying games, Treasure Hunter does not have races and classes to choose from. Instead, your character gets base stats and then rolls for treasure. This treasure is what will be shaping your character. You also get skill points that you can use to purchase skills with. These skills are used to enhance your character and can be based around certain items, such as using a weapon and a shield, or passive skills that simply enhance your character's effectiveness.

There are many aspects of Treasure Hunter that are very new in the tabletop roleplaying setting but very much familiar as they can be found in video games. For example, you cast spells through spell disks that your character equips. These disks can be have to be placed into a Band that can have multiple sockets. Now, it is possible to link the disks together so when your character casts a spell, he or she casts all the spells that are linked, mana permitting. And that is just one example of the awesome things you'll find when creating a character and plunging into the maps!

Playing the Game

When I played the demo, I rolled up a Greatsword for my character, which is a very powerful item to have out of the gates! It allowed me to tear through almost any foe in the first map in one hit. However, because I didn't roll any armor, my character was a glass cannon. So, I took some skills that would help me regain health and nullify some damage. My buddy, who was also learning the game alongside me, created a character that was very good at using a shield and built his character to pull damage from me onto him. We pretty much became the ultimate melee combat team to plunge into the first map!

Now, I will warn you,the game can be fast and vicious! One minute you are steamrolling through the opposition, the next minute you are getting the crap kicked out of you! The monsters have scripts that they follow in combat, which again adds to the video game-like element. On the first map, you'll encounter these adorable creatures called Creepers, whom have escaped their cages and rampage through the lab where they were created!

The interesting thing about this game is you can choose multiple ways to approach it and play it. You can play until your character dies and have that be the end, run it map to map and see how far you get in a certain amount of time, or run it as an ongoing campaign to reach the end to vanquish Mephabrista!


This game has a very retro and nostalgic approach to the tabletop roleplaying genre. I highly recommend it to newbies and veterans of tabletop gaming alike. If you are wanting to take a break from the standard roleplaying game and want to jump into something fast and different, then this game is for you! If you are looking for something to get you into tabletop gaming but were put off by all the rulebooks of other games, then this game is also for you!

A little more about the author....

Boggsimus of Boggsimus Games

Review of: Treasure Hunter

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