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by Michael Brown 2 min read

So here at Easy Roller Dice we spend the vast amount of our time and resources on creating amazing dice and table top gaming accessories.

We get asked questions all the time but one of the biggest questions we get is what are your dice made of?  

Well, it's simple really and we only use a few different materials.  So let me break these materials down for you.

Zinc Alloy

Our Metal Dice Series is crafted mainly out of zinc alloy and then plated with a black nickel material.  The reason we use zinc alloy is because it's easy to mold and it's less expensive than creating something out of an alternative metal.  I.e. if we were to use 100% copper to make our metal sets, not only would it be a lot more expensive for the end consumer to buy but it's also much harder to work with.

We're not opposed to working with these materials and will probably do so in the future but for now our audience prefers a cheaper price range but with full functionality.


Our plastic or standard dice are made out of 2 different materials; acrylic and resin.  Resin is a material that is easy to create and mold.  Learn more about resin here.

Resin is rarely used in the creation of our translucent dice because resin has a tendency to contain small air bubbles.  When looking at a translucent dice air bubbles can take away from overall final look.

Our opaque dice are sometimes made out of resin and sometimes acrylic.  It just depends on the style of the dice.  Both materials are fantastic for opaque dice.


Typically, for our translucent dice we use an acrylic material.  This gives it an overall plastic look and shine.  Since no one wants to see minor air bubbles in their translucent dice we typically steer clear of resin on the translucent dice.

Most dice on the market are made of either acrylic or resin.  Both materials are durable and hold up to abuse very well.

Stone and Aluminum Dice

We currently do not offer any dice made out of gemstone or aluminum.  We're not opposed to it, but we simply haven't created any yet.  

Aluminum is a great material but it can be expensive for the consumer.

Stone dice are cool but we've found are not as suitable for game play.  Stone has a tendency to wear out or chip.  Plus, it's extremely hard to accurately number stone dice which is why you'll see many stone dice for sale out there but many of them are off centered on their numbering.