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by Michael Brown 4 min read

Did you know on December 4th it's National Dice Day?

Just like the hundreds of national observances that take place around the world, board gamers and dice lovers everywhere will be commemorating this "holy" day of dice. So, which dice games will you play on December 4th?

With so many cool, intuitive dices games out there, it can be hard to know what's challenging and fun and what might turn out to be a total dud. But don't worry, we've done the research for you and compiled a list of our top seven challenging dice games for you and your friends.

The list is in no particular order -- you can decide that for yourself! The criteria for a "dice game" is that it must include the dice as an integral part of the game.

So are you ready? Let's roll...

1. The End of the World...or Not...

"Pandemic: The Cure" gives players the chance to save humanity from four threatening diseases with rolls of the dice. The dice game is playable within 30 minutes, which is a shorter version of the in-depth "Pandemic" board game.

This is a cooperative game of dice where the players have to work together to keep the world's hotspots in check before the plagues spiral out of control. Each player has a specific role and their own unique set of dice. There is also an "infection game dice" which is rolled to determine what and where the new epidemic is.

With the world on the edge of a disease-laden apocalypse, it's a great chance for your team to work together and find a cure to save humanity. In the end, you either all win or all lose.

2. "Stick Em Up!"

Remember the Wild-West themed card game "Bang!"? The only problem with it is it takes quite a long time to play. "Bang! The Dice Game" is a simplified version of Bang! and can be played within 30 minutes.

The set-up is similar using the basic rule of good vs. bad. The Sheriff and deputies work to kill the outlaws, and the outlaws and renegades try to kill the Sheriff. All decisions are made with the cards and rolls of the dice.

This strategic dice game features sneakily hidden roles, social deduction, and the good, the bad, and the ugly. What more could you want in a dice game?

3. Defeat the Dungeon Boss

The dungeon delve game is different every time you play it. The card deck features a variety of terrible foes you have to combat and other dangerous perils you may face throughout your quest.

The longer you explore, the deeper you delve into the dungeon and the more difficult it will become! If you get far enough, you'll have to defeat the dungeon boss.

You can play "One deck dungeon" solo but is also one of the coolest games for two people to play together. You can even add multiple sets for more players to join.

From bashing down doors and squashing the bad guys to getting eaten by a glooping ooze monster, the rolling dice will tell your fate.

4. Rolling Colors

If you can't convince your family to play D&D with you, try the game of dice named "Quixx". It's a fast-paced roll-and-write game anyone will enjoy. In fact, there's no time to snooze off as everyone participates throughout the game, even if it's not their turn.

Each player has a scoresheet with numbers in different colors which get scored off throughout the game. In a turn, the player rolls six gaming dice, two white and one of each color corresponding to the numbers.

Quixx is best played with large numbers of people. It's quick, engaging, and you'll find a few extra tricks and loopholes to be discovered, too.

5. Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

The ultimate bluffing game of dice has to be "Liars Dice". It's a fast-paced game that works well with a big group of people.

Liars dice (a.k.a. Bluff) is a player elimination dice game where each participant is given five dice and a cup. Players roll their dice and use the cup to hide the results, they then make a declaration regarding the results of the rolled dice. Players make high declarations, and others can contest the bid if they believe he/she is bluffing.

As tensions rise, the players diminish until there are only two left who battle it out to reveal the ultimate Liars Dice champion.

6. The Space Race

"Roll for the Galaxy" is a fairly new game which is a dice version of the "Race for the Galaxy" board game.

The aim of the game is to build a prosperous space empire that's better than the other players' creations. Your dice represent your area and population and you evolve your space empire by developing new technologies, shipping goods, scoring points and managing your workers.

On top of creating your own world, the custom dice and cups are used to make decisions for you -- and they don't always go your way! With risks and gambles throughout, winning the space race is a challenging and fun game to play with your friends.

7. D&D

Of all the dice games throughout the planet and beyond, the ultimate game of dice has to be Dungeons and Dragons. This was one of the first fantasy role-playing games created in which the players' fates all hang on the roll of the dice.

The core is storytelling as the heroes are guided through their quest for treasure and glory. From battles with deadly foes to darings rescues and more, this immersive game can become your new nerdy addiction.

If you've never played D&D before you're totally missing out! Read our guide for beginners to join the 44-year-old worldwide craze.

Which Dice Games Will You Choose?

So, which dice games will you be playing on National Dice Day?

Of course, we've only picked seven to highlight. What are your favorite dice games? Contact us through our social media and let us know!

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