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by Michael Brown 5 min read

For Dungeons & Dragons players, having the right polyhedral dice will make the game playable.

Without these D&D dice, the game is next to impossible to play. Before I continue here it's important to note that we offer every dice mentioned here in complete sets to help you get started at: we even have metal dice here and gemstone dice that you can find here.  We also have one pound of dice here too!

We make quality a top-priority while keeping the prices low. Now back to the really important stuff about the dice you need for Dungeons and Dragons. With various dice for this game, as well as others, you will not only improve the way you play, but also the different ways in which you can play.

Below I'll walk you through the types of dice you need to play and I'll even include pictures spread throughout this page so you can see clear examples of what each game dice looks like.  So let me show you what the basic of Dungeons and Dragons dice sets look like.

Best Dungeons and Dragons Dice - The Important Ones:

D4 (4-sided) - The Caltrop, always lands with the point face up.  This dice is numbered 1-4.

D6 (6-Sided) - Is the standard cube-shaped dice, not only used in D&D, but different card and dice game as well.

D8 - (8-sided) - Is the eight-sided dice which used heavily for different strategies, at different points of gameplay.

D10 - (10-sided) - Used heavily, and a combination of two dice can result in moves 1 - 100 if you decide not to use a d100 or a d-10 percentile. There are also special versions of these dice, known as the percentile dice (one of which is included in your seven dice 

D12 - (12-sided) - Not used as often in D&D but still used, however, the twelve-sided dice is used in other rpgs as well, and can be used strategically in D&D as well.

D20 - (20-sided) - The signature dice of the dungeons and dragons game is the twenty sided dice. Is used most often in the game, and is the dice which is going to determine all of the strategies and attacks which will be used during game play by players. Also used to determine saving rolls during game play.

A percentile dice (variation of the d10 dice) is also used in RPGs like D & D as well. The above are basically the dice for Dungeons and Dragons that you'll need to get started. Of course as you read through your hand-book and other game resources you'll learn how each dice is used throughout the game.

Here is a view of all 7 D & D dice together:

d d dice


You'll also learn how rolling works and what saving throws are etc. But, I am just trying to keep us on topic of what dice you need here today. Keep in mind there are other extremely obscure dice but they are not needed and are hardly ever used in a campaign, so stick with the basic 7 piece sets I discuss above.

It's also important to note that while we are talking about dice for Dungeons and Dragons here, many other role-playing games use the same types of dice. Let us help you get started right now.

How To Order Online:

If you need these types of dice we do offer them here. Sorry to pat ourselves on the back here but we do offer some amazing products for beginner D & D players and experienced alike. You need the dice so let us help you get all the ones you need.

Here are some of the features of our products:

Handpicked dice for dungeons and dragons. The quality of each die is checked, so you are getting well-made dice, to enjoy the game fully. The different editions. Depending on the color you like, there are different editions of the seven dice set, allowing you to enjoy the game the way you want to play.

The heavy duty dice come with a velvet exterior and strong satin interior. This is to prevent tears, holes, or snags to the dice. You receive the full dungeons dice set. It comes with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and the percentile dice (D00).

The set also includes indicators for the six and nine, with the respective numbers written on the face of the dice, so players can easily differentiate them when playing their game. Orders also come with a free carrying bag, so you will not lose any dice in the set, and you can keep everything together when you are not playing your game. Each of the seven polyhedral dice will have a different use during game play.

When ordering your dice for dungeons and dragons game play, just got to our homepage here which is You can order the seven dice set for a price as low as USD $7.95 (depending on the series and whether or not it is a special edition set you order) or you can opt for our giant 105 count bag to get you started. In addition to the base price, you will also pay a small shipping costs when ordering just one set of dice online.  Another option to check out is our Hollow Metal Dice, which you can find here and if you like dice that jingle you'll love these!

For those who play on ordering more dice for gameplay, you can save on the costs of shipping when ordering online as well. If you order more than $75 in dice online, you will receive free shipping when placing your order, so you only pay for the price of the dice in your set. 

You won't find lower prices for polyhedral dice online than you will find through In addition to the best prices and deals, you are going to find the best quality dice when ordering as well.

Whether you are new to D&D, or have played for years, and understand how the dice set work, you will find the best quality well-made dice on this site. We believe we offer the best d&d dice around!

So in closing just to recap what the basic Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set is it's the following:

  • D4: Four-sided dice
  • D6: Six sided dice
  • D8: Eight sided dice
  • D10: 10 sided dice
  • D00: 10 percentile dice
  • D12: 12 sided dice
  • D20: 20 sided dice

These are the ones that are needed to get started!  With Easy Roller Dice we have all of your D & D dice needs.

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