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20 Sided Dice: D20 Sale Plus Some Deeper Knowledge

by Michael Brown 3 min read

Icosahedron or the 20-Sided Dice

We normally see dice as part of games like Monopoly and Shoots ‘N Ladders. In casinos and gambling houses, the dice is like a powerful object that holds the luck of the players. With these, we associate dice to getting a chance to have something big. When playing board games, we always want a higher number as represented by the dots. In this way, we can move farther and increase the chance of winning the game. The same is true with gambling. But you may wonder, how did icosahedron become the dice that we use today? Read below to help you find out.

Ancient history

If you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you will see an Egyptian icosahedron on display. During the ancient times, the object was used in games like tabletop role-playing. This gives us an idea that even thousands of years ago people are already playing games that involves luck and chances. The Egyptian dice was collected sometime between 1883 and 1906. Ti was part of a collection of a missionary who was deployed in Egypt. He is Reverend Chauncey Murch who died in 1907. In 1910, the Museum bought the collection from Chauncey’s family. A certain Helen Miller Gould provided the funds.

Platonic solids

The 20-sided dice is a Platonic solid shape. There are also other shapes. These have four, six, eight, and twelve sides. These solids are named after Plato, a famous Greek philosopher. In Timaeus, he used these shapes to represent classical elements. In particular, the four-sided is associated with fire, while the six-sided, eight-sided, and twelve-sided are earth, air and constellations respectively. The twenty-sided solid is water.

Popularity today

Based on history, the dice has existed for a very long time now. It has passed numerous generations, but it is amazing that it is still known and being used today. Actually, it is very popular as many kinds of games use it. One particular example is the Dungeons and Dragons that further made it more popular. So yes, in this age of high technology, there is nothing like dice. During the 1970s, the twenty-sided dice has become part of games like fantasy role-playing.

Popular 20-sided dice

Today, the advancements in technology and the knowledge that we have, it has become easy to create 20-sided dice in different colors and weight. If you are in need of one, there are now a lot of choices available in the market. In this age of information, it is easier and better to look for a dice online. You can choose from various colors like opaque black and red, opaque black and white, opaque blue and white, opaque pink and black, opaque red and white, opaque white and black, transparent green and white, transparent orchid and white, transparent red and white, and many others. The opaque colors usually cost $.050 each, while the transparent ones usually cost $0.75.

These are very nice colors because you can see them easily. For example, the transparent red has numbers in color white while the dice has clear red color. It has a beautiful effect when light strikes it. It has a certain kind of magical effect that adds excitement to every game. When it comes to the feel, you would want to always hold it because of its nice texture. It is great for games because it rolls well on the table or anywhere you toss it.

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