• rpg dice

    RPG Dice For Table Top Games

    Below is a list a RPG Dice based on the table top game they are associated with and we'll show you the best way to buy RPG dice in bulk sets. Of Dice & Men: From the D6 to the D20 It's well documented that the cutting-edge role-playing game of it's time, Dungeons & Dragons, emerged out of the preceding medieval fantasy tabletop miniature wargame Chainmail. When Gary Gygax first conceptualized the variant rules for Chainmail, which he also co-designed, the game's focus narrowed to individual heroes and their adventures.  Be sure to check out our walk-through of dice for Dungeons...

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  • treasure hunter game

    Treasure Hunter Review

    By Boggsimus of Boggsimus Games Introduction In early 2016, the manager at a local game store contacted me and told me that a company called Eroth Productions was down there and were hosting a live demo of their game called Treasure Hunter. Well, since I am absolutely addicted to tabletop gaming, I quickly grabbed up some of my business cards and headed out the door. A Look At The Cover... After introductions, Amandah and Anthony of Eroth Productions began to explain the core concepts of the game while showing me some imagery in the rule book. The dynamic duo has...

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  • Mage Rage Review:  A Fun Deck Building Game

    Mage Rage Review: A Fun Deck Building Game

    By Boggsimus From Boggsimus Games Mage Rage Review: A Deck Building Game  Introduction Recently, one of my long-time friends, who moved a city over a few years back, got a hold of me to let me know that he had teamed up with another creative personality to make a game company! Of course, I was intrigued. I mean come on, I am like the tabletop guy around my parts! I inquired to his goals and what he'd been working on. His new company is called 2 Wolves Games and they are out to make the games they've always wanted to see...

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  • Learn How To Play Dungeons and Dragons In 5 Easy Steps - For Beginners

    Learn How To Play Dungeons and Dragons In 5 Easy Steps - For Beginners

    This is a guest post by Ryan Friant from Nerdarchy and this is a guide to Dungeons and Dragons for beginners. When Easy Roller Dice, one of the premier dice manufacturers, asks you to explain how to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, you say yes! A few of you may know me from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel and website, but to the other 99% of you, here's a brief outline of my roleplaying game experience: I was introduced to 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons, that legendary grandfather of all roleplaying games, at the age of 11 by my eldest brother...

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    Dice For Dungeons and Dragons That You Need

    For Dungeons & Dragons players, having the right polyhedral dice will make the game playable. Without these D&D dice, the game is next to impossible to play. Before I continue here it's important to note that we offer every dice mentioned here in complete sets to help you get started at: easyrollerdice.com we even have metal dice here. We make quality a top-priority while keeping the prices low. Now back to the really important stuff about the dice you need for Dungeons and Dragons. With various dice for this game, as well as others, you will not only improve the way...

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  • 10 Sided Dice: D10 Facts

    10 Sided Dice: D10 Facts

    D10 Dice Polyhedral Dice History We may say that the 10 sided dice (or die) is one of the icons of recreational gaming and gambling. We see it in small time lottery, in simple board games, and of course in luxurious casinos. When we play, we don’t know what has happened throughout the course of human history that brought the dice to what it is today. Well, history tells us a rich story behind the tiny object we throw many times during a single game. Surprisingly, there are many types of dice used for different purposes. One particular type is...

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