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48mm Dice of the Giants - Frost Giant D20

This enormous 48mm plastic dice is truly giant.  This variety is our Frost Giant D20.  The color scheme has a blend of grey and blues with white numbering.


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Our polyhedral dice are inspected for quality control to deliver only the best dice to our customers. You won't find cracked, over-sized, chipped, unusable or damaged dice here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great quality

Carlos C.
Bigger is better

Is bigger that I thought. The effect looks amazing. Great buy.

Shane S.
Great dice!

Nice, solid and looks wonderful. Doesn't roll well on hard surfaces (it tends to bounce once or twice and then slide) but rolling on leather or other slightly softer surfaces works great.

Dakota S.
Heavy Hitter

Not a die that you would use on occasion, but definitely will fulfill that special occasion roll. Also makes for a nice desk trinket.

Overkill Dice

If you want to add another weird dice to your collection, then these are the dice that you will need.

I brought these dice for a few reasons. One was so that I could say "I own giant D20." Another was they could easily be used for in-game props if needed for flare and convenience. And also if there was ever a situation that felt like it needed a big roll, then I could pop one of these out, but those are rare cases and you would probably need to roll these on a rug because they could easily jump out of a dice tray.

Side note: While they aren't metal dice, they are pretty big and can hurt someone if thrown at them (Just saying).

Customer Reviews

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