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Pound Of Dice - Mixed Assortment

Our pound of dice is a bag of random polyhedral dice.  We dumped tons of our overstock dice into a giant bin, the dice were mixed up, and scooped them out randomly.  This item contains an assortment of standard-sized polyhedral dice most of the time.  Occasionally, you'll find some 22mm or 12mm dice, possibly other sizes or some other variety of styles mixed in as well. 

Please note, this assorted pack is not hand-checked for quality like our standard 7 piece dice sets so that you may find a blemish or two in this bulk bag, but it's rare that this happens.  Though these dice are scooped at random, you may, from time to time, find a complete matching dice set in here as well!  This is a great way to build your collection quickly and inexpensively.

A Great Way To Start Or Build Onto A Collection

This dice assortment is an excellent option for GMs and DMs who are always looking for a grab-bag to let players pick from.  You know you always have that player that forgets to bring their dice to the campaign!  Well, this solves that problem with this pound o' dice assortment. Essentially we're saying that a bag or two of these will provide enough dice for your players to have everything they need. Pick up your pack now for yourself, a friend, or to share with your gaming group.  

This dice series is also good for replacement dice.  Do you have some dice that are rolling badly?  Replace them with one from this batch! 

This good ole' pound o' dice may contain translucent, swirled, opaque, striped, and speckled dice!  Includes 4, 6, 8,10, 00, 12 and 20 sided dice!  Occasionally you may find some pipped dice and some other interesting dice in here as well!    

What will you find in your pound o' dice today?

Customer Reviews

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James Murphy
Decent selection

Decent dice, was a little disappointed that a good bit of the bag was just plain white with black pip D6s, and a couple that were stuck together and unusable. But good for starting a collection or adding to one.

James, Thanks for the review! Sorry about the issue with the dice that we're stuck together. That definately should not have happened! We will get some replacements sent out to you shortly. Thanks!

Nicole K.
Wonderful Selection

The dice were excellent, lovely designs and a very nice variety. I think in the future I might do this again to see what styles/designs I get. I would recommend for a nice selection and if the person likes surprises for the style and design look of dice.

Derek M.
Great for a DM

Only issue I had with the set was that it didn't appear to be a "random" assortment. 35-40% of the dice were speckled red and white dots.

Hey Derek, sorry about the issue on your order. We are going to reach out via email and get this fixed for you right away.



Jason W.
The Ilse of Misfit Dice

I love these! It's always a joy to get a bag of these. Because I am a patron of the Isle of Misfit Dice.

Erok VanRocksalot
Blood Splatter of Awesomeness

Hey, I haven’t counted them individually yet, but there’s lots of each I can already tell…
But most are the Blood Splatter design, which is dope cause they’ll be used for damage rolls mostly!!! Hahaha

Customer Reviews

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