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Wyvern Reversible Microfiber Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

This 7x5x5 in. microfiber dice bag featuring a wyvern (flying dragon) is huge.  In fact, this dice bag holds well over 200 dice and has some incredible additional features.
  • Reversible - One side is black and the other is red.  An opposite colored wyvern appears on each side
  • Stands Without Help - The microfiber allows the bag to hold open so it's easy to get your dice in and out
  • Seals Tight - You won't need to worry about the dice spilling out of this when it's sealed
  • Firm Loops - Bag clips suck, they break and they don't work and we won't use them!  Our heavy duty drawstrings are sure to last and close tightly

Not only does this large dice bag look awesome it's built to last.  The sturdy microfiber material is gentle on your dice but holds up well to use. The Wyvern Reversible Dice Bag is sure to impress at any gaming session.

Check out the video to see the Wyvern Reversible Dice Bag in action:

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I like it. Draw string doesn’t come undone easily.

Lynx r.
Absolutely perfect

Love the feel and texture of the bag and also its carrying capacity having well over 100 dice to fill and could easily double my dice and it still fits all in all love it

Absolutely perfect

Well and truely worth the wait being shipped to australia nicely packaged and genuinely appreciate the card i received i will definitely be shopping with you again... also fits ALL of my dice with room for more.... much more once again love it guys great quality

Brian R.
Dice bag


Custom Dimension Request

Can you guys make me a dice bag like the Wyvern Reversible Microfiber Self-Standing Large Dice Bag
except make it twice as large?

like 14" Lg x 8" Wide x 8" Rd?

Think JUMBO SIZE pls.

--Tom Ferbend

Customer Reviews

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