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Wolf Reversible Microfiber Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

This 7x5x5 in. microfiber dice bag featuring our Wolf emblem is made with heavy duty microfiber material, designed for a long life.  This dice bag holds well over 200 dice and has some incredible additional features -
  • Reversible - One side is black and the other is grey.  An opposite colored Wolf emblem appears on each side
  • Stands Without Help - The microfiber allows the bag to hold open so it's easy to get your dice in and out
  • Seals Tight - You won't need to worry about the dice spilling out of this when it's sealed
  • Firm Loops - Bag clips suck, they break and they don't work and we won't use them!  Our heavy duty drawstrings are sure to last and close tightly


Customer Reviews

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This will make bag 7 that I have purchased, all but one were gifts. This is a must have or wish for anyone packing dice! As you know, sets of dice multiply quickly! No matter as this bag can hold them all, is durable, and can stand on its own. The wide opening can take your entire hand so you can grab as many as you need! Appreciate the unique designs and colors which makes these perfect for gifts.

Jason Cater

This is was a great purchase, I'm really enjoying this.

Devan D.
Great Product

I really like the material and the design is very cool in person.


This is great

Greg R.
I have bought from you again.

I love these bags. I use them for all kinds of games. Anything that needs a blind draw gets thrown in one of these. They look great and are big enough for my mitts to reach in and mix around.

Customer Reviews

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