Wizard Stone Dice - Arcadia

Arcadia is a truly beautiful set of dice!  Featuring a color pattern that includes a gorgeous green, red, brown and metallic luster. 

Comes with its very own Windowed Dice Display Case valued at $15.95 and included at no extra charge.  Show off your Arcadia Wizard Stone Dice in style!

About Our Wizard Stone Dice

These dice are a blend of man made-stones, minerals and/or metals that give them a unique look and feel.  Each dice face is completely unique!  Each dice is also infused with a special binding that strengthens the dice which helps to avoid chipping and cracking.  Created in the lab we call these special dice: Wizard Stone!

Each dice is polished and numbered by hand by our skilled Wizards.  Dare we say they are blended works of art created by magic?

Note:  Do not roll these dice on extremely hard surfaces such as metal or concrete.  Consider using an Easy Roller Dice Tray for added protection!

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