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Tabletop Gaming Mat - Vinyl Double Sided With Hexes and Squares

Finally A Tabletop Gaming Mat That Has Everything You Need!

Whether you play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Warhammer or any type of role playing game what-so-ever you might get into a situation where you want to play with a visual enhancement.

This basically acts a battle mat for any RPG campaign or RPG war scenario. This can be done with miniatures and a vinyl game mats or a vinyl mat which allow drawing and erasing. That’s where our vinyl gaming mat for role-playing games comes in.

Double Sided For The Ultimate Gaming Experience

This gorgeous well-made tabletop gaming mat measures 27 x 23 inches in size and features 1 inch hexes (hexagons) on the front on 1 inch squares on the other side. This is perfect for games that use hexes and perfect for games that use squares for movement spaces. The mat can easily be rolled up for storage or left out during long campaigns.


A Tabletop Gaming Mat At Its Best

BONUS: Our Vinyl game mat also comes with 2 wet erase markers.  These are 100% made in the U.S.A. and are a high quality item. 

NOTE: This mat only works with wet erase markers.  Do not use dry erase or any other type of marker.

Effective Sept. 2021: This mat ships to all customers in a folded format to minimize the shipping size and save on shipping costs.

The wet erase marker ink easily wipes off the vinyl gaming mat when you’re done using them.  Simply dab a small amount of water on a cloth or a paper towel and wipe away your marks with ease.


Use This Vinyl Gaming Mat On A Tabletop Or Hard Surface

Though this could be used on the floor, since it's being used to illustrate or features miniatures you'll want a harder surface to play on.  The tabletop works well or a equally hard floor/counter surface will do just fine.

As Always - Our Money Back Promise: If you get this item and doesn't fit your needs for any reason we allow you to return it for up to 30 days of purchase. Happy gaming and happy campaigning!

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