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Storm Cloud Dice Collection - 7 Piece Set

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Our Storm Cloud Dice Collection has a blend of deep blue and greens colors accented by white swirls.  Each set features gold numbering.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Value

When these dice arrived I couldn’t have been more pleased. They look just like the picture and roll nicely. I will definitely be looking at this website again anytime I look for more dice to buy.

Dusk Ealain
A Delightful Set for a Delightful Price

So I got these beauties alongside a few others during one of Easy Roller's many "Buy One, Get One" promos and I couldn't be happier.

They're one of my favorite sets both for the visuals of them and just how nice they are to roll. And given the character I play in my friend's campaign (the only one where I'm NOT the Forever DM/GM/etc. lol) has a name that translates to "Storm's Jewel" in her people's tongue it only makes sense to have an equally stormy set of dice for her rolls!

Matthew Bickel

Storm Cloud Dice Collection - 7 Piece Set

Sami Saab
My favorite set

Was definitely pleasantly surprised when I received these bad boys. Bought them on a whim when there was a buy one get one free offer just for the hell of it. Ended up liking them more than the 4 other sets that I got. Definitely recommend this set! They also happen to be my lucky dice so there’s that ;)

Derek Fuller
Exactly like the pictures

Great dice! Shipped quick, look exactly like the picture, and pass the saltwater test!

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