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Royal Swirl Dice Collection - 7 Piece Set

Our Royal Swirl Dice Collection features a very unique blue, black, and violet blend which creates a stunning look for these dice.  Each set features gold numbering.

Customer Reviews

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Chris H.
Better that the photos!!

I had my boy pick out some dice for dad and I have to say I would never got them for myself. They look great in person you can get lost in them there so nice. You can read the numbers well even in low light.

Jorge P.
Beautiful all around!

Got what I paid for and a little extra! Excellent quality and the bag they come with is really pretty too!

Color wasn't right

Granted the swirl is random but I thought they were going to be black dice with some red and blue mixed in. Turns out they're red and blue with the tiniest bit of black, still nice dice but not exactly what I wanted. Not enough of a problem to give one star and bash them but I cant say I'm not a little bit bummed they turned out to not be like the pictures portrayed.

Kyle J.
Very nice dice

Wonderful! Seem to be well balanced.

Carson K.
Pleasantly surprised!

So, I honestly thought the swirl on these were purple and black with little bits of red. I could not tell from the pics that it was blue, red, and black swirl!

They are still beautiful dice!

I haven’t had a real chance to test these or my gold metal one yet. That thing is heavy!!

Customer Reviews

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