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Quartz Dice - 7 Piece Set

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This dice collection features a blend of brown and grey colors with a white font.  Each set includes a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00.

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Anna Cremeans
A good product

Its a set of good looking dice.
its just they are a little darker than i thought they were going to be
in the picture shown in your image they looked brighter, and the brown(?) redder.
im ok with this, its for my dad, im trying to get him to play at least one dnd game lol


I like these dice, I love getting new dice, only critique is the set I have is a bit too dark, the colors are too blended together but I like the dice nonetheless

Pablo M.
i loved it

I love the presentation of the dices and everything, the shipping was kinda slow i waited 25 days but anything else was perfect

Bryndal D.
Lovely set of dice

These are some pretty good dice. I was able to get them on sale and using a discount code, these were definitely worth it.

Lacey R.
Even prettier than pictured!

I love these die, such a beautiful color combination!

Lacey - Glad you love the colors - definitely very popular combo. - Shawn

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