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Over Sized Dice Cup - Wolf Design

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Finally A Dice Cup For Major Dice Slingers!

    • Strong and Durable Faux Leather Design 
    • Full Sized Cup that Fills the Hand Nicely
    • Perfect for Miniature Wargamers - Can Hold Up to 80 16mm D6
    • Unique Artwork Making Your Cup Standout or Match Your Set
    • Snug Fitting Lid that Allows For Storage 

    This one-of-a-kind dice cup can hold up to 80 16mm D6 dice, and can comfortably allow for shaking and rolling 50 16mm D6 dice with no problem. This rolls almost double what our original dice cups roll.

    With the lid on, the Over-sized Dice Cup measures nearly 5 1/2 inches tall.

    Store Dice In The Cup

    This dice cup comes with a tightly fitting lid that will allow for you to transport and store your dice, right inside the cup.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Kyle Reese
    Outstanding for War Games

    This dice roller can handle a ton of dice, it’s felt on the inside, so it’s quiet. Fine craftsmanship and it’s fun to use. I’d buy it again


    The dice cups are fun to use, are not noisy, and look fantastic

    Grey Wolfe
    Get This

    I love this dice cup. I can roll a lot of dice and they’re not stuck and roll nicely. You should get this.


    Great use and love logo.

    Liareza P.
    Husband loves the gift!

    Bought this for my husband's metal dice set that I got him not that long ago. He admired the wolf dice stage that I had gotten for myself, so I decided to get him the over sized cup with the wolf design for him. He really liked it and right away used the lid to toss the dice on and now stores his metal dice in this cup. It is large, but also a convenient size if you want to toss it into your laptop bag (about the thickness of a decent aluminum water bottle). Quality is nice. Feels like faux leather, which is fine. Design is crisp and in a nice silvery color. Lid fits on securely, just like the dice stage, so there's no worry it'll accidentally open up if it falls on the ground. Highly recommend it and would totally buy another one (especially if the wolf design was in rose gold or gold tone).

    Customer Reviews

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