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Midnight Marble - 7 Piece Set

Our Midnight Marble 7 piece dice set has a black and grey swirl pattern with gold numbers.  

Customer Reviews

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Great Set!

Love the color depth and precise numbering! Another great set of dice from ERDC!!

Dice Goblin
Perfectly Lovely

I big fan of all of their dice in general. My only complaint is that this particular d20 keeps rolling nat ones. They're perfect for any dice gremlin to greedily scoop up and amass into a dice collection. Shipping is also very quick, quality is perfect as usual

Zach L.

The marbling looks amazing, some spots even almost look like scales, they’re definitely one of my top favorites!

Sami Saab

This was my first ever EasyRoller purchase and I must say, the entire experience felt great! Customer support was extremely patient with me when they learned that I was concerned about the delay. They were very friendly and their emails made me feel at ease. When I finally received the dice, I found a heartwarming handwritten message inside which made them seem even friendlier. The dice set itself is beautiful and light and would recommend it for people trying to match their dice sets with their dnd characters (mine was a dark paladin so it fit perfectly). This first experience made me want to buy more dice sets for sure. EasyRoller will definitely be my go to choice for my second dnd character's dice set.

William D.
great dice

quick shipping, great product... will definitely be my go to site for dice in the future

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