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Midnight Blue Stardust Dice Collection - 7 Piece Set

Our Midnight Blue Stardust Dice Set features a blend of deep blue colors and black swirls.  Each set features gold numbering.

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Well
Part of a gift with the Fenrir Box

This was a part of the gift for my boyfriend, he loved it.


Love the night sky vibe from these!

J Lang
It's full of stars...

These dice would be super pretty if they were just the base colour of dark blue. But the tiny little pinprick sparkles of glitter really do make them look like you've scooped up a chunk of the night sky in your hands. I was even more impressed by them when I held them in my grubby little goblin claws!

Sami Saab
More black than blue

Slightly disappointed that the dice that I received weren’t very close to the display pictures. The pictures show a lot of blue but my dice barely had any. They still look nice but I already have a set of black dice.

Sorry that you weren't a fan of these. We'll be reaching out to get you a replacement that looks more like the picture. We'll get in touch shortly.

-ERD Staff

Owen Frank
Best Dice in YEARS

LOVE these dice. I will admit that I am getting older and my eyesight is getting worse. I can see these dice across the table which I what I needed. My old dice are hard to see but I have had them for 20 years.

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