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Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons - Ancient Copper with Black Dragon Font

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This set features our Ancient Copper finish with a black font.  The numbering is our unique Dragon Font that is a one-of-a-kind design which is only being utilized on Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons Series.

These are solid metal dice that are finished with a brushed and antiqued rich copper color.  This set is a classically sized polyhedral set where the D20 is slightly larger than the other dice to allow for easier number placement and legibility.

This dragon dice set pairs nicely with our Celtic Knot Dragon accessories, or our Wyvern items.  In addition to those items, we also have 4 dice display and storage cases featuring cool dragon designs - they are a great addition to a new set of Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons.

Add A Case option?

dice cases

Near the Add To Cart Button you'll see an Add A Case Option.  This option will allow you to add a case to your order.  You can select between the standard Easy Roller Dice Case, Red, Blue, Green or Silver Dragon Cases!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thank you!

Fantastic weighty well-made metal dice. Really make a difference in use and looks - excellent products and fantastic helpful service - highly recommended!

Isinsu S.
Love them!

These dice are amazing. I love the rustic metal look with the subtle dragon numbering. The metal weight feels really epic to roll! Thank you!

Sean B.
High quality, shipped quickly

Very happy with these metal dice. They feel very solid and have nice sharp corners. I used them to fight an enormous undead construct and walked away with 1 hit point left, which I'll take as a win.

Raymond D.
I now have what I need to summon Zarthuul, the great copper dragon

The copper dice look great and roll well. I'm not sure how much I'll roll them since they are heavy and the edges are not rounded. They are so sweet looking, and I can read the numbers with my old man eyes. Note: stepping on the d4 may require a tetanus shot.

Cindy A.
Happy customer

This purchase was a Christmas gift for my son and he was thrilled with it when he opened it. I would have never imagined a set of dice would be such a winner as a gift but he was genuinely happy with them. I also saw many items on the website for future gifts. Many were sold out so I know there are many happy customers if the products are selling out. Looking forward to future purchases. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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