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Legendary Bronze D20 Dice - Metal Single 20 Sided Dice

Our bronze d20 dice is a cool looking variation of our metal dice.  Our bronze 20 sided dice is made with zinc alloy, then plated with a bronze colored material.

  • Metal D20 Dice with Legendary Bronze Finish
  • 20mm Standard Size Die - Solid Metal Construction with alloy interior and our legendary bronze plating
  • Slightly Rounded Edges with Black Numbering

Quality Control
Our polyhedral dice are inspected for quality control to deliver only the best dice to our customers. You won't find cracked, over-sized, chipped, unusable or damaged dice here.

Money Back
If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason we offer a complete 30 day money back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marc M.

Nice weight to them and they have a sleek design

Nathaniel K.
Good dice

Good die. Rolling feels great, I love using metal ones behind the gm screen since the sound is so much more crisp when it hits the table

Kory G.
Good quality, satisfied except for one thing...

It is smaller than a normal sized D20, which I don't recall being in the description. I will most definitely still use it and understand that it is small to reduce weight and cost, but was still slightly disappointed when I saw it.

Christopher H.
D20 Gunmetal Dice User Experience.

Rolls well, Both me and my boyfriend find that they are so heavy you have to give them quite a throw to ensure that they roll properly otherwise they just sort of slide on the number they are dropped on. Slight imperfection on several of the numbers however still a good product.

Daniel M.
Good, solid die

I enjoyed rolling and feeling the heft this gives my die roll. I wish the numbers could be a little larger on the face, as there is a lot of empty space surrounding the number and it's a little more difficult to see when the die is landing away from you. Overall, I am glad I got it.

Customer Reviews

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