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Hollow Dice of Divine Retribution - Legendary Gold

This set of hollow metal polyhedral dice is from our new Hollow Dice of Devine Retribution collection.  This set is finished with our Legendary Gold plating, providing a classic look to these hollow metal RPG dice. This is a perfect set of dice for anyone playing a paladin character, holy character, or if you just like an awesome-looking set of dice!

The intricate details on each dice's face provide a unique look featuring our swords and shields design.  Grab these new sets to bring a new and unique look to your dice collection.

Customer Reviews

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Michael W.
Almost perfect, still look amazing

A few numbers were slightly bent, other than that, they look and roll very well!

These Sound Amazing!

The look of these dice is only surpassed by their sound! Roll these with any other metal dice and you hear the tinkling of crystalline winter bells. They roll well and seem very sturdy despite their elegant design. Once they come out with a more yellow gold coloration I am going to have to buy a set to turn into jewelry. I love this new style!

Tim Redenbaugh
Best dice of all time

It isn't even close. I have several deluxe dice sets, some metal ones, some fancy (and disappointing kickstarter sets) and these blow them all away.
The jingling is so awesome and therapeutic. Seriously, incredible.

Jim D.
Great Set!

Everybody I play with is jealous of these! The way they jingle is very unique and separates them from all others! Exactly what was promised and highly recommend Easy Roller!

Customer Reviews

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