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Hollow Dice of Divine Retribution - Gun Metal

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This set of hollow metal polyhedral dice is from our new Hollow Dice of Devine Retribution collection.  This set is finished with our Gun Metal plating, providing a classic look to these hollow metal RPG dice.  This is a perfect set of dice for anyone playing a paladin character, holy character, or if you just like an awesome-looking set of dice!

The intricate details on each dice's face provide a unique look featuring our swords and shields design.  Grab these new sets to bring a new and unique look to your dice collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Colton K.
I never received them but support has been excellent

I haven’t received the dice but while in contact with support, a new set is going to be sent to me for no charge and I am forever grateful. It has been nothing but enjoyable while in contact with you all

William R.
Amazing Little Cages

This is an awesome little dice set. I was happy to receive them very shortly after ordering so their shipping is extremely speedy. They look like little steampunk cages and they make little noises, like tinkling lava rocks or clinking coins, whenever you have more than one in your hand. They look and feel awesome, and they don't feel like they'll fall apart if you roll them on a hard surface.

I do have two complaints, however. First and foremost, the metal coating on the numbers do not have the same kind of hardening as the rest of the black metal. I don't want to do testing on it, but I don't think it will fall off with regular use. Second, is the run appears too limited. Literally the same day I received the dice in the mail I looked to buy them again as a gift, but the whole of the hollow dice selections were out of stock.

Overall, I would buy these again.

Ted A.
Hollow Dice are absolutely Stunning!

I love these dice. Accidentally removing them from the package I dropped them and was so worried, but they are just as sturdy as any other dice. When rolled together the sound they make is just spectacular. Do yourself a favor and get a set of these amazing dice!

Customer Reviews

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