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Heroic Dice of Metallic Luster - Silver with Gold Font

Our Heroic Dice of Metallic Luster Series is a line of bordered metal polyhedral dice with glittering and sparkling designs on each dice.  These 7 piece dice sets include one D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00 percentile dice.  

Each dice face includes our Signature Font and a variety of colors are available in this series.

Customer Reviews

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Rachael Strange
Amazing to look at, impossible to read.

These dice are amazingly beautify to look at, so much so I bought 2 sets.
I received them in good time and pristine shape shortly after ordering them.
I opened the boxes and rolled my new lovely dice.....
...but I can't read them....

the dice shine and sparkle so brightly that i can't read the dice for the glare.

I found that If I use a pair of polarizing glasses i can finally read the results.
While I can't recommend these dice for at table play, I can recommend them for pictures and displays.

Rachael "Lady N Duchess of Urnst" Strange
AD&D player & DM for 40+years and counting.