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Half Pound of Random Metal Dice - Random Colors, Random Sizes

Looking to expand your metal dice collection?  This random assortment of metal dice is a fun way to pick up some metals at a great price.  These collections are sold by weight - and each set is guaranteed to include at least half a pound of metal polyhedral dice.

The font colors, dice size, and dice finishes are randomized from overstock of our metal dice collections + unreleased metals from our inventory. Each randomly assorted pack can contain d4,d6,d8,d10,d00,12 and d20 but you will not necessarily get everyone of those in each order.

Customer Reviews

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Philip Lindquist
Great grab, when it's on sale...

I picked up 2, 1/2 lbs metal dice sets. Both came, reasonably fast and had a pretty wide range of types and sizes. I will say of the 20 or so pieces there were about 9 different sets accounted for, rather than 20 or so, unique designs. Would totally buy them again, but not for $60. Wait for a sale! I got them for less than half that.

Eric K.
Good assortment

I picked up a couple of packs of these during the recent sale to give out to my players (and a fellow DM & the workers at the comic shop where we play). I got a good variety of dice types in a bunch of different designs - some sparkly, some plain with the numbers not filled in, some shiny. A few had edges that were not completely filed down, but I knew what to expect, so that's no biggie. Everyone loved the dice!

I don't have the exact breakdown, but I ended up with quite a few d20's and d10's, only one or two d4's, one d12 and the rest more or less a balanced mix.

Travis Swearengen
Nice mix of dice

Pretty colors. Lots of weight. They roll well and true.

Christopher Buser
These rocked!

It served as a great way to see what some of the store's offerings are, and I got hooked on something that I'm now waiting for it to come back into stock so I can get more, that I wouldn't have thought about purchasing otherwise.

Patrick Ziemer
Great deal, great variety of dice!

I ordered two of these and am extremely happy. I got a huge variety of dice and some of them are absolutely beautiful. Pretty much no two are the same, and they are great. A great way to have plenty of dice for those big encounters, all in a single roll!

Customer Reviews

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