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Green Marbled Dice - 7 Piece Set

This is a 7 pc set of green marbled dice.  This is a beautiful looking dice set. Our marbled series has a crisp paint look and a very high-quality looking finish.

Customer Reviews

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Casey B.

One thing I always look for in a new set of dice is the contrast of the numbers from the color. If they aren't legible, the beauty of the dice is pointless(go ahead and fight me on that). These may be a bit on the traditional side for most but the elegance of the marbling with the highly visible white number is a perfect match for what I'm looking for. Price can't be beat either!

trey e.
Outstanding you funky lads

Excellent dice added to my collection. People at the table were fighting over using them.

Chris N.
Great shopping experience, needs Apple Pay

Everything went smoothly, no real problems. The site advertises that it supports Apple Pay but I wasn’t able to check out with Apple Pay. It would be nice to use Apple Pay with Easy Roller, and as they use Shopify I don’t see why it doesn’t work.

Jeremy K.
Beautiful dice, good price

The green marble is beautiful. Good price, but they don’t feel cheap in your hand.

Solid First Set of Dice

I bought this set alongside a set of Chessex dice recently, and these are undeniably superior. Not only was the included pouch much nicer than that cheap little plastic box that the chessex dice came in, but it was big enough to hold both sets of dice, as well as some extra d8's and d6's that I have since picked up.

The dice themselves are absolutely beautiful. It's difficult for the photos on the site to do them justice, but in the right light, the marbled finish gives them a sense of "depth" that is really easy on the eyes. I also couldn't find a single blemish on any of the dice. I did find a number of bubbles in most of the dice, with a notable one underneath the 8 on the d20, but none of them are big enough to have a noticeable effect on their randomness.

Even buying the dice was a nice experience! They arrived ahead of schedule, and there was a nice hand-written thank you on the invoice.

I will definitely be recommending these dice to friends in the future.

Will: Thanks for the nice review. We hope you enjoy the dice for a long time. Great color choice. Shawn

Customer Reviews

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