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Green Glow in the Dark - 7 Piece Dice Collection

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Our Green Glow in the Dark 7 piece dice collection includes a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00.  Each set features black numbering.

Customer Reviews

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Eric S.
A Critical Hit

Great bang for the buck. These dice look good. Great color and numbering. The experience was easy and the product was a rolling success.

James B.
The pretty.....

I'm old, I'm used to mail-order items arriving 4-6 weeks a the SOONEST, yet Easy Roller had these dice in my mailbox in 3 weeks, which left me feeling excited (I've always wanted GITD dice)...and guilty that some nameless, faceless employee was forced to work double-time upon threat of never seeing their family again. Or maybe upon threat of being MADE to see their family again. You never know.

The little black-with-purple-lining bag included was a nice touch, and probably a standard accessory with every purchase that I simply missed reading in the description. The dice themselves do take awhile to recharge (sunlight seems to work more effectively than the UV light of the 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. Don't judge), but the glow is a lovely shade of eerie green that, on one occasion, spooked the Hell out of me when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw glowing green blobs on my bookshelf. Now I'm curious what a marbled GITD set would look like.

Thank you to Easy Roller Dice for my beloved purchase, and a shout-out to the Happy Jacks RPG podcast for turning me on to Easy Roller Dice!

Good looking dice but weak glow

Great looking dice but sadly the glow in the dark isn’t that bright. They glow well, super easy to read. Honestly for the weak glow I would have given them 3 stars but the 20 gave me three natural 20s in dire fight. So they get an extra star for that!

Customer Reviews

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