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Frosted Ice Blue Glacier - 7 Piece Dice Collection

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Our Frosted Ice Blue Glacier 7 piece dice collection includes a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00.  Each set features gold numbering.

Customer Reviews

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One of my favs, with some minor manufacturingflaws

These dice are bar maybe two sets in the world, one of my favorites. I was ecstatic to finally get them in my hands, and my, are they first to roll. There are a couple of minor flaws in the inking on the d6 and d20, and on some of the dice there's these odd inked in slices that feel like a flaw just caught the paint during wiping off, but these are still my favorites and I treasure them. That being said I bought these with a gift card I won during a community giveaway, and the dicebag that came with them is stellar and is perfect for the set.

Sherly G.
Beautiful dice!

I had to exchange my first set and the customer service was excellent! Prompt communication and very friendly. Will be buying more dice from this company!

Lawrence P.
Nice Dice

They were a gift, and my friend liked them very much. I also order the Rose Galaxy dice for another friend. They loved the dice too, but I have to say that I was disappointed that the dice didn't truly have the same color as what was shown in their picture online. It looked much darker online. What I got was more hot pinkish. Like I said, my friend still loved them, but if you could improve the clarity of the online jpegs for the dice you're selling, I'd appreciate it. Cheers.

paige b.
Haven’t received the item, but I appreciate the customer service

Due to USPS shipping delays, these items that I ordered on December 7 still aren’t at my house. However, I reached out to customer service, and they offered to send me a refund for the shipping fees (I got free shipping for spending over $75 though, so it wasn’t needed). So, I understand that the reason these items aren’t on my doorstep in time for Christmas is not their fault and I appreciate their customer service for letting me know what they DO know and doing what they can to help me out.

Collin. S
Update to "Stylish but with some mishaps"

After asking about the issue with customer support, they were swift and helpful in appealing the issue and even sent me a replacement. This new batch looks nearly impeccable, save for a few faded portions on lettering; the dice themselves look even better than before with much more variation in color and clouded vs transparent portions, like gazing into a glacier.

However, despite this great service of communication and support, the *replacement* D20 is missing the paint on the "1" in the number 15 side. Which is frustrating. At this point I can see that it must be some complication in manufacturing/quality control, and likely the paint is probably just a little temperamental. I hope that at some point they can resolve the issue and make the numbering more consistent to make these dice truly be perfect. But, I cannot be displeased; they demonstrated care and respect with efficiency, and made a genuine attempt to rectify any ailments. I now will simply try to find a similar gold paint to fill in the indents by hand. While not perfect, I am content and happy with my icy dice; I hope to be fully satisfied once I fill in the missing numbers, and bring these little randomizing gemstones out to roll.

These are good dice, bordering great. One more step forward, and I believe they can reach perfection.

Customer Reviews

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