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Frosted Green Glacier - 7 Piece Dice Collection

Our Frosted Green Glacier 7 piece dice collection includes a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and D00.  Each set features gold numbering.

Customer Reviews

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Charlie G.
Frosteds Finest

Beautiful set of dice, highly recommended, love Easy Roller Dice.

David D.
Beautiful dice

The dice themselves are beautiful looking, exactly as depicted if not better, they roll well too.

Audrey B.
Great Dice Set

I just got mine, they are super pretty with exactly the light green color portrayed in the product image!

There were a few small defects in the gold painted numbers but nothing too bad, especially for a 10$ set of dice.

I really appreciated the clear thought that had gone into the packaging and the handwritten note was lovely.

I can’t wait to play my first D&D game with these dice.

Troy Copes
Perfect Set for my Wizard

Whenever I make a new character for D&D, I hop onto Easy Roller Dice to find a set that matches aspects of said character. My Wizard, Tavgrin Muncer, has ice green eyes. When I was browsing the vast selection of dice sets that ERDC has to offer, I found this set, and I knew in that moment that, "I have found THE set for my wizard!"

This dice het has a color that is both vibrant and subtle. The faded white swirls give the sense of arcane energies infused into the very essence of the die. The gild numbering perfectly accent the jade-like color of the die body, giving a classic, timeless feel to the set.

Though it comes with the awesome bag, I suggest pairing one of the brown lether-lite bags to compliment the esthetics of the dice.

I love this set!

Customer Reviews

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