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Disco Ball Dice Set - 7 Piece Collection

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The Disco Ball Dice Collection is a very unique clear dice will a multi-colored assortment of flake inside the plastic.  Each set features black numbering.

Customer Reviews

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David A.
Fast friendly service as always

I have ordered multiple times and the dice are always great quality. The order always arrives quickly. I recommend them to all my friends.

Erika L.
Love dice!

I love these dice! They represent my character perfectly

Debra W.
Thank you

Love my new set but I’m changing the number color. It came with a black color but it’s difficult to read. Other than that they are perfect.......

Capt Shanu
Shiny Sparkly Glittery

These are a pretty nice set of dice. They go well with all of my other dice. The sparkles in the dice are evenly distributed and they seem to roll fairly. Lots of folks at the gaming table have been eyeing up these dice and hoping to get their hands on them. Grab them. You won't find dice like these anywhere else!

Tabitha S.
Gorgeous dice! They look better in person.

I was very excited to order these dice as they fit my new character perfectly and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Easy Roller Dice. The price is beyond reasonable even with shipping and the dice are decent quality and a balanced roll.
They arrived quicker than I expected, I was in awe for a bit because they’re so much more beautiful in person! The light reflecting off the confetti makes for pretty and satisfying rolls. The whole party is jealous!

Customer Reviews

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