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Classic 8 Inch Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid

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This is our classic Easy Roller Dice Company dice tray - an 8" variety that includes a dice staging area and a lid.  This tray keeps your dice out of the way of the rolling surface, and the lid makes clean-up and transport easy.  The staging area provides a place to keep your dice without them getting in the way of the rolling space.  The tray and the lid are wrapped in high quality leatherette, and the dice staging area along with the rolling surface are both covered in velvet.

Dice Tray Internal Measurements: 

  • Dice staging area - 7/8" wide
  • Rolling surface - 5 3/4" wide
  • Internal edge to edge - 8" wide

This dice tray is smaller than our standard 12 inch tray, so crowded gaming tables won't be so crowded anymore.

Easy Storage and Transport

The lid tightly closes to the top of the tray, allowing for easy transport or storage of dice, pens, miniatures, or other small gaming accessories.

Quiet Rolling

The rolling surface is padded with a velvet material that not only holds up to plastic dice and metal dice, but also helps to quiet down the tumbling sound of dice.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jonathan Ryder
Best dice tray I've used

I've come to really love Easy Roller's stuff. The tray is super solid and well constructed. It's evident that lots of thought went into the design. Holds 5 sets of dice perfectly in the staging area with a bit of space left to pop them out. Having the staging area has really helped organize my set up. Side note- the box that it came in was super high quality; like, so nice I haven't brought myself to throw it away yet.

Jed M.
Excellent and well made.

Very nicely made item. The staging is great for keeping the dice easily accessible and separately choosing specific dice when needed.

Jara Marcha Josje
Very handy

Looks great! The box it came in had some scratches and stuff but it had to come from far so that doesn’t surprise me.
The tray itself is of great quality. 5 full sets of dice fit in there easily. The lid can be used as a second dice tray. I put in my dice and closed the lid and spun the box around a few times and all of them pretty much stayed in place. Only the d4’s got a bit scrambled but they are the smallest dice so that was expected. I highly recommend this tray.

Jeremy B.
Excellent product

The quality of the dice tray is excellent. I also really like the dice staging area and the lid to keep everything organized. I would recommend this product 100%.

caleb c.
Amazing stuff

So far havent been able to use it but looks amazing cant wait to use it

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review