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Bulk 20 Sided Dice | 25 Count Assorted D20s

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Who Doesn't Need More 20 Sided Dice?

Does anything suck more than when you're about to game and then other people in your group forget their dice? What about when you're about to get going on a killer campaign only to find out you simply need more 20 sided dice? If you're a DM/GM sometimes you need to "take care" of your forgetful group and provide them with some D20s (don't worry you can repay them kindly during the campaign...evilly of course..). The fact is.... ....We all need more D20's, I know I always do!  I can never have too many.  Never. So we put together an awesome assorted bulk pack of 20 sided dice. In this order you'll get 25 randomly assorted D20's.

Swirls, Translucent and Opaque Included

We give you the good stuff and not just opaque.  Translucent and marbled dice can be included.

Go Order Your D20 Bulk Pack

This is the perfect add-on to an order or standalone order for anyone that needs more D20s.  If you're GM/DM or just and avid gamer you can never have enough.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love the d20s!

Very happy with the quality and overall look of the bulk d20s!

Ben B.
A1 customer service

Had a pacakge held up in transit by USPS. Shawn quickly sent the pacakge again and informed me that the pacakge had been lost the first time.

Delivery is today. Very happy!


Got lots of swirled dice, good packaging, and came with a nice little thank you note! If I ever need more dice, I know where to come

Katherine S.

The dice were delivered in a timely fashion and I found myself loving each and everyone of them. Though one of them was a cheeky bastard and either rolled 18, 19, 20 or 1, 2, 3 with no inbetween. My poor half orcs wound up being charmed by the ridiculous stories of an elven bartender for HOURS until my DM just felt bad enough for me to release me from the charm lol

Michael B.

I bought 2 lbs of dice, a bag of 20 sided dice and a dice bag. All were well received. Some were for gifts, some for myself. They work well.

Customer Reviews

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