Bulk 10 Sided Dice | 25 Random D10s | Assorted Colors

Bulk Dice

$ 12.95

Grow Your Bulk D10 Collection!

This is a bulk bag of 25, 10 sided dice collection that is truly random in nature.  We have several different styles and colors and you'll get a nice random bag of factory first 10 sided dice.

Swirls, Translucent & Opaque 10 Sided Dice!
We include translucent dice, opaque dice and swirled/marbled dice in this random pack. Many bulk dice you'll find online are simply random opaque or translucent... why?  Because they are cheaper to make! Here, we don't skimp out on the production and we give you a mixed bag of 25 random D10s.

Hand Checked Quality
We inspect our dice as much as possible before shipping.  This takes us extra time but because of this we rarely have any of our dice returned to us, including our awesome bulk pack of 10 sided dice. Money Back Guarantee If for any reason your 10 sided polyhedral dice are not exactly what you wanted, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!  We believe in our dice quality so much...

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