Squares ONLY: Gaming Mat | Reversible Mat with Squares on Both Sides


$ 19.95

Battle and RPG Gaming Mat | 23" x 27" Vinyl Material | Two Free Markers Included | Reversible Mat with Squares on Both Sides | Perfect for DMs and GMs & Miniature Games

Reversible Vinyl Mat - 1 inch square grid on both sides
Free Markers - Includes 2 free wet erase markers, specifically made for the Easy Roller Dice Company Gaming Mat
High Quality - Made in the USA and constructed from a strong vinyl material that lays flat and resists wrinkling and creasing
Wet Erase Markers Only - Use of any other type of ink can permanently damage the mat
Money Back: If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason we offer a complete 30 day money back guarantee

Best Gaming Mat Available – Includes FREE Markers and Storage Container>

This is a large heavy duty vinyl gaming mat that measures approximately 27x23 inches designed for roleplaying campaigns, missions, and battles.

This is great for DMs and GMs looking to add excitement to the game as well as offer a visual look whether by drawing or with use of miniatures and figurines.

This mat is double sided with 1 inch squares printed on both sides of the mat.

This allows you to have 2 campaigns going at pnce or have an alternative map needed for anything else in your campaigns.

This mat comes to you rolled up to avoid any wrinkles or creases. Use the included plastic tube for long-term storage to eliminate annoying creasing.

Use the 2 bonus wet erase markers to draw and annotate on the map.

NOTE: This mat ONLY works with wet erase markers. Using anything else to write on the mat could cause permanent damage.

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