White Dice

10 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set - White Opaque

10 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set - White Opaque

$ 10.00

This is our White Opaque 10 piece polyhedral dice set. This set is perfect for gamers who want additional 6 sided dice, and now, you can get those additional D6 dice to complete your new dice set.

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21 Count - White Opaque, Olive Green, Trans Purple with Small Dice Bag

21 Count - White Opaque, Olive Green, Trans Purple with Small Dice Bag

$ 16.95

3 Complete Sets - This item includes 3 matching 7-piece dice sets for a total of 21 dice. High Quality - Easy Roller Dice Company only uses factory first dice - you won't find holes, chips, or cracks. Bonus Dice Bag Included - Each set includes a free small dice bag with an exterior color of black and an interior color that varies between blue,...

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Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Series White Numbering - 7 Piece Set

Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Series: White Numbering - 7 Piece Set With Display Case

$ 44.00

What is the Gunmetal Dice Series?  This is our special series created by us here at Easy Roller Dice Co.  The dice are made of a special polished nickel and plated for a beautiful Metallic shimmer.  This gives the dice a very gun-metalish look which is where the name for this series comes from.  These metal polyhedral dice sets will have you gam...

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skull dice bag

Reversible Skull Dice Bag - Black and White

$ 14.95

This dice bag measures 7x5x5 inches and is a self standing style dice bag.  This means that it will hold open so you can easily look in and search for your dice. This sure beats dumping your dice out all over the table! The skull dice bag easily holds well over 200 dice and makes a nice topic piece while sitting around the gaming table! Reversib...

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dice rolling mat red

Skull Dice Rolling Mat For Metal Dice | Red or White

$ 17.95

This is our Skull Dice Rolling Mat.  This is the perfect mat for rolling metal dice and preventing damage to your surroundings.  This mat will help prevent you from tearing up your wooden floor or table. This mat measures 8.5x11 inches and it sits comfortably at a crowded gaming table.  Most mats on the market are super-huge causing them to take...

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7pc white opaque dice set

White Opaque Dice - 7 Piece Set With Bag

$ 8.00

High Quality – Our dice are guaranteed to be free of cracks, holes, chips, and other defects Hand Selected – Quality is checked by hand on every set of dice FREE Dice Bag – With each 7 dice set, you will receive a free small dice bag (valued at $9.95) Durable Design – Our heavy duty dice bags come with a durable velvet exterior and a strong sat...

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white dice sets

White dice are a a very classic color. However, our white dice sets are top-notch and well made. We guarantee you'll fall in love with any of our selections.

Most of our sets have the classic white with black number look. Over time we'll add more variety to our collection.

If you'd like to see some different variations of these types of dice just contact us and let us know what you'd like to see.

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