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Amber Shards Sharp Edge Dice Set

We wanted to create something dark & beautiful at the same time.  We mixed amber, copper, dark green, and black with a semi-translucent look.  

The result is our Amber Shards Shard Edge Dice Set!  With what looks like reflective shards of amber protruding from the abyss, we think you'll love it just as much as we do!

These handmade beauties stand out from the crowd.

Note: This 7-piece set also comes with its own Easy Roller Dice Co. storage box!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I got my set from my local shop and I am just in love. The green practically glows especially in low light and the clear portions are small but give a interesting variance to the dice as a whole allowing for darker portions to balance to POP of the green. The blue shades to the green also add dimension. Also, while you can't really see it in the photo the golden flakes look like sparks of flame letting the dice have a true personality of it's own. I'm using this set for my Artificer and will be favorite of my collection.

P.s. While this is just chance, it rolled a nat 20 on my first roll!

Emi C
High Roller

The dice are gorgeous, and easy to read; I bought 2 sets, and am thrilled with them. Small downside that I think some of the green glitters sunk to the bottom of the mold while casting, but that's more a feature than a flaw to me. 9.8/10, would recommend

Jim Vallentgoed
Absolutely stunning

These dice are top notch just like every other set Easyroller makes!