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Purple Starlight Sharp Edge Dice Set

This handmade sharp-edge resin dice set is a one-of-a-kind beauty. We call this series Purple Starlight due to its blended purple tones and gold accents.

Please Note: The font coloring is done by hand, so sometimes the gold shades are a bit darker or lighter than pictured.  However, all 7 dice in each set you order will match each other.

Note: This 7-piece set also comes with its own Easy Roller Dice Co. storage box!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

These are my absolute favorite dice! The depth of color and beauty of the design is so much better in person than the images. I really like the weight and size. The edges are quite sharp, these dice don't wobble.

Andy B.
20-Sided Flying Purple PC Eaters

As wonderful to roll as they are to look at. The edges are as sharp as daggers, while the weight feels just right in my hand. They looked so beautiful tumbling across the table, dealing out damage and death, that my players weren't even mad about rolling new characters.