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Metal Dice

About Our Metal Dice Sets

Our metal dice sets come in standard 7 piece sets and other varieties.  As we expand our line you'll see new various colors, types and styles.

When you buy metal dice from us that are in complete seven piece sets they come in a special box that we created just for our metal collection.  The box is a leatherette material and allows you to show your beautiful gaming dice off.  We custom designed this unique box from scratch and it's been a fan favorite ever since.

We have various colors of numbers of these dice currently available.  Which include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Electric Blue
  • Powder Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • White

Plus, we also have a copper set available which is outside of our Gunmetal Collection. The metal gaming dice are perfect use in D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and various other table-top RPGs.

Each of our 7-piece sets includes the following:

A leatherette display and storage box, 1-six-sided dice, 1-8 sided-dice, 1-10 sided-dice, 1-10 sided percentile dice 00, 1-12 sided dice and 1-20 sided dice.

Expanding Our Metal Line-Up

Our latest addition to our dice series is our Rose Gold Metal Dice!  We created the design and lay out and we mold them to perfection.  At the end the dice are plated with a special material that creates that beautiful Rose Gold shine.  We came up with the concept of the skull case for our Rose Gold edition but we have since added the option to have one of our regular cases.

As we expand we will continue to work hard to bring out new metal dice sets in various different plates and styles.

In 2018 we launched an additional series of our Legendary Metal Dice with our top-notch Easy Roller Dice Signature Font.  

In 2019 we've added our top-notch Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons!

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