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Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons - Ancient Copper with Red Dragon Font

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This set features our Ancient Copper finish with a red font.  The numbering is our unique Dragon Font that is a one-of-a-kind design which is only being utilized on Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons Series.

These are solid metal dice that are finished with a brushed and antiqued copper color.  This set is a classically sized polyhedral set where the D20 is slightly larger than the other dice to allow for easier number placement and legibility.

This dragon dice set pairs nicely with our Celtic Knot Dragon accessories, or our Wyvern items.  In addition to those items, we also have 4 dice display and storage cases featuring cool dragon designs - they are a great addition to a new set of Metal Dice of Ancient Dragons.

Add A Case option?

dice cases

Near the Add To Cart Button you'll see an Add A Case Option.  This option will allow you to add a case to your order.  You can select between the standard Easy Roller Dice Case, Red, Blue, Green or Silver Dragon Cases!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
jeffery abernathy
They do be metal

They clunky, i like.

francis w.

Good weight, beautiful contrast. The finish is fantastic, and the few small chips they come with makes the dice feel a little more weathered.

Chris M.

Very good quality and heft.

Lia P.-S.
Husband loves these and am so happy to have gotten them for him

Was on this site for myself and was about to go to check out when I noticed the "Deal of the Day" which had these dice on there. The price was reasonable and the dice looked cool, so I wanted to surprise my husband as it seemed like something he would like. After we both started researching various other metal dice sets from not only here but from other websites, he actually came back and said that out of all of them, these were his favorite. The patina is somewhere between copper and rose gold and the red dragon font is actually easy to read. Like another reviewer said about a different set of metal dice from this site, the points on these are a bit spikey, so I wouldn't recommend dropping them on the floor and stepping on them or rolling them on bare wooden table tops (which we have). Luckily, I bought for myself the wolf dice tray from here so our table tops are safe from these dice. They do have a nice weight to them, so be aware of that if you do intend to roll them directly onto a table surface, especially compared to my plastic dice set. I accidentally dropped them onto our wooden floors once. The dice are fine, but I can't really tell if they did damage to the floor or not. Just be careful. Hahaha. I'm actually so impressed with these metal dice that I'm now frequenting this website nearly everyday in hopes of another great deal like this. Totally recommend these, especially for adults and mature teens. I wouldn't recommend these for young children or immature teens.

Paul N.
Just overall great customer service and product

Great company great product

Customer Reviews

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