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Brown Leather Lite Spell Book Design Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

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This leatherette dice bag measures 7x7x5 inches, seals tightly, and provides a unmatched quality feel.  Our man-made leather-like material, we call Leather Lite, is a strong and durable material which includes an interior liner to protect your dice.

  • Built tough - for gaming! Made of a fine man-made material that allows easy opening and great flexibility
  • Self-Standing: Stands open on it's own and allow easy access without dumping the contents out of the dice bag
  • Easy Close:  Easy to cinch drawstrings complete with 2 claps that allow spill-free storage
  • Bag of Holding:  Holds around 400 dice easy

Not only does this large dice bag look awesome -- it's built to last!  Check out the entire series of Leatherette Dice Bags, pick out your favorites, and blow your friend's minds at the gaming table!

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie T.
This is such a great bag!

I love how sturdy this bag is. It stands up perfectly on its own and the construction is really good. It's also just beautiful!

Christian T.
The Gift She Didn't Know She Needed

So, to start off, I should say that my wife was surprised by this gift. She already had a dice bag, and was a little confused as to why I had gotten her this one. As she inspected it however, she fell in love with it.

She loved the fact that the bag stood on its own, and opened and closed easily and securely. She loved the spellbook cover art, as well as the texture of both the exterior interior, and she loved how much room this bag had to offer. I was rewarded by the pure look of joy on her face as she realized how awesome your product is. She was even able to bring it to our Christmas game yesterday and show it off. She was more than thrilled with it, which makes me even happier.

I will highly recommend this product to everyone I talk to. This is my second purchase from Easy Roller Dice, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by the service and the quality of the product. I especially like how each order comes with a handwritten thank you note. It's little details like that that help make a great product / experience into a phenomenal one. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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