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D20 Design Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid

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This is our D20 Design dice tray - an 8" variety that includes a dice staging area and a lid.  This tray keeps your dice out of the way of the rolling surface, and the lid makes clean-up and transport easy.  The staging area provides a place to keep your dice without them getting in the way of the rolling space.  The tray and the lid are wrapped in high quality leatherette, and the dice staging area along with the rolling surface are both covered in velvet.

Dice Tray Internal Measurements: 

  • Dice staging area - 7/8" wide
  • Rolling surface - 5 3/4" wide
  • Internal edge to edge - 8" wide

This dice tray is smaller than our standard 12 inch tray, so crowded gaming tables won't be so crowded anymore.

Easy Storage and Transport

The lid tightly closes to the top of the tray, allowing for easy transport or storage of dice, pens, miniatures, or other small gaming accessories.

Quiet Rolling

The rolling surface is padded with a velvet material that not only holds up to plastic dice and metal dice, but also helps to quiet down the tumbling sound of dice.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
great quality and gift for friends

This is the 3rd Octagon dice tray with lid and staging area I have ordered. Highly reccomend for keeping your attack and damage dice ready and lined up for battle and the center rolling area is great especially for players who tend to roll dice into figurines during battle.

Abel B.

10/10 would buy from again

Keith R.
D20 Design Dice Tray With Dice Staging Area and Lid...Worth It!

The side storage area is large enough to hold all of the dice I need for DMing. This keeps my gaming sessions organized and running at a steady pace. No chasing dice or cocked dice re-rolls anymore.

Michelle L.
Great products

I already have two of these dice trays and wanted a third. My natural bloodstone dice fit easily and the interior is gentle on my sythetic opal dice. It also keeps the dice safe from cat paws. No more worries about them rolling off the table and breaking on the tile floor. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Vilim Š.
Goes great with metal dice

Bought 2 metal dice sets with this. It help with not destroying the table.

Customer Reviews

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