Dice of the Giants Collection - 48MM Dice!

This is our collection of Dice of the Giants.  These huge 48mm plastic dice are based off of the 6 giants you'll find in fantasy games systems like Dungeons and Dragons.  

These giants are:

  • Frost Giant
  • Hill Giant
  • Cloud Giant
  • Stone Giant
  • Storm Giant
  • Fire Giant

In addition to these six collections, we also have the Giant Dice of Glaciers.  These dice are similar to our Dice of the Stone Giants but the grey color is a lighter tone.  

This entire collection includes our hand drawn numbering and unique coloring schemes to correspond with each giant.  Break these out during game-play, or keep them around as cool items for display on your desk or bookshelf.  Either way, these are cool collectors items, and great items for gifts.

Enjoy this collection and crush your opponents!