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Leather Lite Dice Cup For all Types of Games

Our Leather Lite Dice Cup Screams Quality

This is our high-quality stylish P/U leather dice cup.  This item features a faux leather on the exterior and a nice velvet interior for an overall elegant and professional look. 

Noise Reduction

Another name for these types of cups is a dice shaker.  However, it's hard to call something this quiet a "shaker."

Most dice cups are extremely loud when you roll the dice around in them.  Our dice cup is nicely padded on the interior and exterior to help alleviate much of the noise that other dice cups have.

Hand Checked Quality Assurance

We hand check all of our dice cups before packing them. This means you are guaranteed to get a high-quality product free of defects or damage.  We want to make sure our products are top quality and by hand checking them we can!

Play Any Games

These professional style dice cups can be used with any games that you like to play dice with.  This includes board games, tabletop RPGs and anything else that requires you to roll the dice.


Free Replacement Guarantee

In the extremely rare event you receive a damaged product from us - we will replace it at absolutely no additional cost to you. Our dice cups are top-notch and our stellar customer service cannot be matched.

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